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Department of Energy and Water with João Baptista Borges meets Caculo Cabaça Dam workers

The Minister of Energy and Water João Baptista Borges met with the Trade Union Committee of the Workers of the Caculo Cabaça Hydroelectric Power Station and with CGGC, the general contractor of the construction, on May 31st of this year. In Quanza Norte. > Alongside the State Governor * Adriano Mendes de Carvalho *, a long meeting on labor and social issues related to this work was held, chaired by the Chinese company CGGC.  > Taking into account the dissatisfaction of the workers and the not so good problems that occurred in the last days, Minister João Baptista Borges encouraged and sensitized the need to ease the situation and find a quick solution. These problems.  > The claims generally need to be processed as quickly as possible and are related to medical and medication assistance, nutrition, health insurance, performance evaluation and career progression, disciplinary action, housing issues and their terms, and salary issues. … > Minister João Baptista Borges even stated that it is essential to discuss this, the agreement needs to be reached as soon as possible, and a step-by-step follow-up is needed to verify effective implementation. > A deadline was also set for the negotiations and signing of the agreement, which should be signed within 15 days. > Dialogue is recognized as the best way to resolve these differences between employers and employees and should not be used with force. > In addition to the head of MINEA, several others were present, including the State Government, UNTA, General Secretary of the Federation of Construction Workers’ Unions, MAPTESS, Trade Union Committees representing workers, and General Manager of GAMEK. Companies CGGC, von Voigt, AIBC, CAM.  > At the end of the work, there was still time to check “in the field” the conditions of the crew and the construction site, and of the dam site itself.

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