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Duolingo Math Aims to Make Mathematics Learning Easier, Soon to Enter Beta

Duolingo, the popular language-learning platform, has announced the launch of its first app outside of language called Duolingo Math. The company has opened a public waitlist for its beta testing and it is currently limited to iPhone and iPad users. The Duolingo Math uses the game-like interface to teach and test elementary-level mathematical concepts including multiplication, division, fractions, angles and basic geometry. With the new course, the service aims to target school-going children.

Duolingo Math app, focused on primary-school-level mathematics, will soon enter beta phase. Interested customers can join the waitlist by registering on the company’s website by entering their email addresses. It teaches third-grade mathematics and is only available for iPhone and iPad models now.

The app will include topics like multiplication, division, fractions, area, perimeter, angles, chronology and more and will use illustrations to teach the users. Like the language learning platform, the Duolingo Math app will also introduce gamification of the entire learning experience. More details about the launch date of the features of the new companion app would be announced during the company’s fourth annual Duocon conference today. The virtual event will begin at 11am EST (8.30pm IST) and will be livestreamed via the official channels.

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