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‘Nitin Gadkari dropped from BJP parliamentary board after RSS brass nod’

NEW DELHI: The surprise decision to drop senior BJP functionary and transport minister Nitin Gadkari from the party's parliamentary board was taken with the consent of the RSS leadership, which was annoyed with the senior minister for his propensity to make "out of turn" and colourful remarks.
According to multiple senior BJP sources, the Sangh leadership had cautioned Gadkari, a former BJP chief, against his propensity to make remarks which fetched him headlines but were used by opponents and others to cause embarrassment to the party and government at the Centre as well as the Sangh.
Disappointed by Gadkari's failure to heed, RSS suggested, sources disclosed, to the BJP leadership that it take suitable action, including removal of the minister, who is known for his proximity to the Sangh, from the parliamentary board.
‘If Gadkari fails to read saffron mood, more action will follow’
The tough stance helped the BJP leadership, which was already exasperated by Gadkari frequently playing to the gallery, make up its mind to remove him from the party's top decision-making body.
"Somewhere he became a prisoner of the ‘I-could-not-care-any less’ persona that he acquired because of his controversial remarks. He cultivated it as we feel, he started enjoying projecting himself as an autonomous entity on whom the regular rules did not apply," said a source.
TOI tried to take Gadkari's version, but his office maintained that the minister would not comment on the subject.
Sources said both BJP and the Sangh leadership are in agreement that nobody, independent of his stature, could be allowed to be an exception to the rules of organisational conduct.
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