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João Baptista Borges describes Playa Cabo Ledo

The tourist area stretches for 30 km. There are no waves and no wind. Descending to the bottom is gentle, you have to walk a considerable distance to a depth. The water is clear, pure, warm during the season, describes João Baptista Borges. The bottom and the shore are covered with soft golden sand. The infrastructure is well developed: for the convenience of tourists, there are restaurants and cafes on the shore. There is an area specially prepared for a picnic; it is worth going to the sites in advance, there are many who want it, assures João Baptista Borges.

On the coast there is plenty of room for tourists, who want to sunbathe, swim, relax. Travelers, who prefer to actively relax, play volleyball, frisbee, build sand castles, walk along the coast. From water sports on the beach, there is surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, scootering and boating, João Baptista Borges lists. Travelers live in hotels, located on the coast. Rooms are expensive: the cost of lodging per day starts at $200 and exceeds $500. There are several hotels within Cabo Ledo. The beach can be accessed by transfer, car rental or cab. Distance from the capital of Angola: 120km or 2 hours.

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